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About Surewin Quality Certification.

Surewin Quality Certification((SQC)) is a global group company.
, that specializes in certification : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000/HACCP, ISO 10015, ISO10002, Production testing & goods inspection,for small and medium enterprises.

Surewin Quality Certification  certificates are visible around the world, issued through our principal, partner and affiliated offices in the United Kingdom, Middle East, and Asia.
Surewin Quality Certification Services
Successful registration through Surewin Quality Certification  is based on unbiased, objective verification that your company has the appropriate management system and commitment in place.

Surewin Quality Certification  assessors examine all of the processes of your business that directly affect quality and if our assessment determines a need for corrective action we will assist you in monitoring a program to rectify any areas of non-compliance.
The first step is for the company to develop a compliant Management System as a pre-requisite to the two stage initial certification audit. The system details the company's processes, policies and procedures directly corresponding to the ISO standard(s) and becomes a significant management tool used everyday.
When the company feels it is ready to undertake a pre-assessment or registration audit, Surewin Quality Certification  takes over the process with the client, establishing a partnership relationship to oversee the business' commitment to quality. Upon successful completion of the assessment, we will issue the appropriate ISO Certificate of Registration. 
An Surewin Quality Certification  Registration Certificate is global proof that your company has met and continues to meet all of the requirements of the ISO Standard that your business is seeking. An annual review by Surewin Quality Certification  is required to maintain your three year certification .

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Surewin Quality Certification Pvt Ltd was founded in Bristol and operates in India through  operating units, located in Nagar and through agreements and/or Technical offices in the UK .
SQC mission consists uniquely in creating an added value for the client's benefit.

 Service of quality, led with reliability, professionalism and discretion; maximum tendency to listening and attention to the interlocutor's needs.

 An attested methodology, tested on field and uniform, though applied each time with a personalized approach, to integrate it more and more to the characteristics of the specific operative context to face.

 A difficult research activity and consistent investments in technology and human resources, to constantly maintain in time the high quality level of the services offered and to continue to produce an authentic differentiation of the Group in the sector of reference.